A podcast about what we do, why we do it, and what we think. Explore the interesting and unique ways people create their lives, from artists and entrepreneurs to fishermen and wild salmon counters. Discover what they've learned along the way, both in their work and in their lives. Hosted by Iso Rabins

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How to be happy with less money and more good work - Adam Nelson

In this episode, the host Iso and his friend Adam explore the nuances of personal definitions of success. Adam shares his refreshing perspective on finding happiness a...

How to make seaweed gin and cure parkinson's - Adam Nelson

In this episode, Iso is joined by his good friend Adam Nelson. Adam's diverse journey includes ventures into a liquor brand crafting unique products like gin infused w...

How to be a forager/chef/cookbook author/wild salmon counter - Maria Finn

Welcome to the first episode of How We Work,  join host Iso in a conversation with Maria Finn, a talented forager, chef, and author living on a houseboat. In this epis...

Welcome to How We Work* with Iso Rabins

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