The next step for the podcast

In this episode, I'm sharing some thoughts on where we're heading with this podcast. I've loved every bit of this journey – the interviews, the editing, and just the chance to dive into fascinating conversations. It's been exactly what I hoped for.

I'm gearing up for a big trip, starting in Peru and then maybe jetting off to Vietnam, Japan, and Europe. It's about seeking my next step, getting out of my creative comfort zone, and experiencing life differently. It's exciting, yet a bit daunting to step away from the stability I've built here.

One thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is artificial intelligence. It's not just the technology that intrigues me, but its impact on us as humans. From the way it's transforming work to its potential effects on education and personal relationships, AI is reshaping our world in profound ways.

I'm considering steering our podcast in this direction, exploring personal stories and real-life implications of AI. Whether it's a teacher grappling with AI in the classroom or how it's affecting relationships, I believe there's a wealth of untapped stories there.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this potential shift. Are you as intrigued by AI and its human side as I am? What aspects of AI's impact on our lives would you be interested in exploring together? 

Thank you for joining me on this episode. Your support keeps this podcast going, and I'm excited about the possibilities ahead. 

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The next step for the podcast
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