How to cure depression with psychedelics - Leland Huss

In this episode, we're diving deep into a topic that's both controversial and fascinating: the use of psychedelics to combat depression. Leland, an inventor with a passion for exploring consciousness, joins us to share his incredible journey and insights into using psychedelics for healing and self-discovery.

Leland opens up about his personal experiences with psychedelics and how they helped him overcome long-standing depression. It's not just about trippy visuals or wild stories – we're talking about real, profound changes in perspective and well-being. He sheds light on the resurgence of interest in these powerful substances, backed by groundbreaking research from institutions like Johns Hopkins.

But it's not all science and studies. Leland brings the conversation down to earth, discussing how psychedelics can be a tool for exploring the depths of our minds and the fabric of reality. With my own adventure in Peru on the horizon, his stories of consciousness exploration resonate even more.

Are you curious about the healing potential of psychedelics or the mysteries of the mind? Then this episode is for you. 

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How to cure depression with psychedelics - Leland Huss
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