Ai love affairs and the search for my Apu

In this episode, I'm hitting pause and taking a little break. It's a chance for me to step back, reflect, and steer us into a new direction that's been on my mind: the fascinating interplay between humans and AI. But don't worry – we're not going to get bogged down in tech speak. I'm more interested in how AI is reshaping our daily lives, our connections, and even our self-perception.

I recently had an eye-opening chat about the future importance of soft skills in an AI-centric world. It's becoming clear that as machines take on more of the hard skills, our uniquely human qualities like empathy, creativity, and the ability to connect genuinely are becoming our superpowers. There's a beautiful irony in how AI might be nudging us to become more human, to value the imperfections that make us real.

And there's a topic that might surprise you: the emergence of relationships with AI. Think 'Her' the movie, but in real life. It's a reality for some, and it's a conversation I'm diving into with an open mind. What's driving this shift? How is it reflecting on our current state of human relationships? These are the questions I want to explore with you.

So, while I'm taking this break and embarking on my own journey of discovery in Peru, I'm inviting you to ponder these shifts with me. It's a search for understanding, for connection, and maybe even for finding our own 'Apu' – that place or state where we feel most at home, most ourselves.

Thanks for being part of this journey. 

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Ai love affairs and the search for my Apu
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