How to create a story people love - Rachel Gueck

In this week’s episode, I catch up with my good friend Rachel Gueck. Rachel's one of those people who makes you want to chase your dreams, no matter how big or wild they seem. 

This episode is all about stories – the kind that make you feel, taste, and see a world through food and drinks. Rachel shares how she spun her life into stories that people love, from the pages of her cookbook to the vibrant ambiance of her restaurant.

We'll touch on how she crafted a story that turned little resources into a thriving spot, and why talking money matters in making dreams come true.

It’s not just business, though. Rachel reminds us how personal stories, like the ones with her daughter, shape our lives.

If you've got a story to tell or a dream to chase, Rachel’s journey is the push you need.

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Her restaurant & mezcal brand (for sale!): El Refugio Mezcaleria

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How to create a story people love - Rachel Gueck
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