How to become a working musician - marine eyes (Cynthia Bernard)

In this week's podcast episode, I had a  chat with a longtime friend and an immensely talented ambient musician, marine eyes (Cynthia Field). We have a history that dates back to the days when she used to assist me during my underground dinners.

We talked about what it really means to connect with an audience, especially at a time when most interactions happen online. marine eyes also talked about the financial side of being an artist and why physical things like vinyl records are still important for musicians today.

We discussed the importance of being genuine in the music industry. Instead of just chasing likes and followers on social media, real success comes from forming authentic connections with dedicated fans. These fans, whether they're from Idaho or anywhere else, are the ones who truly connect with and support artists' music.

As a surprising twist, we discovered a common practice we both turn to when life throws challenges our way. It's something you might find yourself doing too!

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of How We Work. It might make you think a bit differently about the music you love and inspire you to connect more with the artists who create it.

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How to become a working musician - marine eyes (Cynthia Bernard)
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