How to be an entrepreneur in Nepal - Lakpa Tamang

In this week's episode, I took a step away from our typical format to share a raw conversation with a remarkable individual I met during my travels, Lakpa Tamang. 

Lakpa, a spirited entrepreneur from a remote village in Nepal, shared his entrepreneurial ventures, the challenges he faced, and his aspiration to move to the States in search of better opportunities. Throughout our chat, we touched upon the impact of environment and circumstance on one's life trajectory. While I've been able to push my ideas forward, Lakpa's journey has been met with hurdles, from government interventions to economic downturns.

While many podcasts shine a spotlight on the successful, today we pivot to share the story of someone who, despite adversity, continues to strive and dream. I hope Lakpa's story inspires, enlightens, and provides a fresh perspective on life and ambition.

Thanks for being a part of the "How We Work" family. As always, grateful for your time and support.

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How to be an entrepreneur in Nepal - Lakpa Tamang
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