How to be a forager/chef/cookbook author/wild salmon counter - Maria Finn

Welcome to the first episode of How We Work! In this episode, I'm excited to introduce my very first guest, Maria Finn who's an extraordinary forager, chef, and author living on a houseboat.

Maria and I explore the fascinating journey of living beyond traditional labels. We discuss the challenges of feeling like "impostors" in our respective fields and the quest to balance conformity with our diverse passions.

We dive into the world of foraging, where Maria shares her expertise in gathering food from nature. From the joys of exploring wild edible ingredients to the challenges of mastering the art of foraging, we discuss how nature fuels our creativity and connection.

Our conversation also touches on the connection between psychedelics and mental well-being. We share personal stories of microdosing psychedelics and how these experiences can unlock new dimensions of personal growth and creative expression.

In a world that often values conventional career paths, Maria and I emphasize the importance of nurturing creativity in all its forms. We discuss the undervaluation of creative contributions and the enriching possibilities that arise when embracing diverse creative avenues.

I hope you enjoy this episode! Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations on "How We Work"
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How to be a forager/chef/cookbook author/wild salmon counter - Maria Finn
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